Nov 18 2012

Pics From Lately

Nov 12 2012

Watching Mommy fluff the Christmas tree

Nov 6 2012

This song gets stuck in your head

Nov 5 2012

Floor Time 11-5-2012


Nov 4 2012

Instagram photos

100% Madelyn

@flash_jlanm you should get this ap called toon paint and make some of your pics into toons. :-)

Mmmm meat

I voted. I deserve a treat. Ice cream it is!

I'm blue

Gimme kiss

Come have a few cold ones with me. :-)

Ahhh. Friday is done. Yay for the weekend.

She's really sitting on her own well.

From July 2010. San Diego California.

Sleeping beauty

Sweet face

Happy Halloween from us

Sitting in the high chair that her mom used.

Nov 3 2012

Playing with Sarge


Nov 3 2012

She’s learning to crawl


Nov 2 2012

Friday Night

Nov 1 2012



Nov 1 2012