1. She now likes to fill her mouth with food, realize it’s too much, then open wide and wait for daddy to place his hand under her chin to spit out the food into.
  2. She’s very nice to the dogs and often says “goggies” when they are around. I think she said “arge” today for “Sarge”
  3. She likes taking baths with her mother and has been doing it several times now as opposed to taking baths alone.
  4. She will walk around shirtless and pat her belly like she just ate a big meal and is happy with herself.
  5. On a tangent … this just blew my mind
  6. She likes to wear her raincoat in the house when it’s not raining.
  7. She will say Papa a lot, but not Grandma or Mama or anything like that (sometimes we’ll hear her say Janet) but she will say Nanee. She learned Debbie, but not Kelly.
  8. She constantly wants “animals” which is the word she uses for her gummy vitamins. We started giving her gummy bears for animals too because we didn’t want to give her all the vitamins she wants. We’re not sure that we’re good parents. 🙂
  9. She will actually throw her candy wrappers in the trash when she’s finished with them.
  10. She can do the wooden puzzles with a little help turning the pieces in the right hole, but she can find the right hole and that’s pretty good we think.
  11. She will do “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” but not on camera.
  12. She loves to give the dogs their treat when they come inside. If she sees or hears us get into the treat bowl she will yell at us to let her give the treat to the dogs. We will say “please” and she will say “pease.”