To Win Any Battle, You Must Fight As If You Are Already Dead. - Miyamoto Musashi




I kinda figured I’d be slytherin.  


  Hey guys, maybe this Tide pod challenge is just a sign of the times. Maybe the kids feel dirty inside. Maybe they’re taking it upon themselves to get clean. In the most stupid way imaginable.       @icet… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look

Seth Meyers and his writers always have a good take on current events. The current times have provided a lot of material for these segments. I enjoy them. Not only because they are funny, they also, I think, keep me… Continue Reading →

Swimming Day

We had a lot of  fun swimming at a friend’s pool today.     

Wednesday Emma

Emma and her bald head are growing so much. She’s a sweet baby that will someday be more than we can handle.   

The finished deck

I finally finished the deck.              

The deck

 I recently rebuilt parts of my deck. Here are some before during and after pictures. I’m still working on it, but not as hard as I have been.                                             

Pictures of M

She likes to laugh. She’s very photogenic. We go to the playset in the neighborhood and play in my truck. Marshmallows by the firepit are her favorite. She doesn’t put them in the fire for enough time, but that’s ok…. Continue Reading →

My girl as of late

Making silly faces, wearing her summer dress, group photos with her cousins, and hangin with gma are some of her favorite things to do.    

Hanging out

M loves the playset. She’ll play out there for hours. I don’t want to be a helicopter dad, but I just don’t want to miss this. I want to remember all her stages. She’s my lighting rod.  

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